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Oak Creek Ranch (OCR) named for its location within the Oak Creek basin was founded in May 2004. OCR is ideally located between Abilene and San Angelo, so it is close to two regional airports, yet rural and ideal for hunting.

High fenced in 2007, OCR instituted an extensive wildlife management program including Whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkeys, Bob White quail, Morning and White wing dove.

OCR consists of rolling plains covered with beautiful live and post oak trees. The sandy loam soils of OCR provide an ideal environment for healthy wildlife. Because of that, OCR is home to approximately 350 whitetail deer, 300 Rio Grande turkeys, as well as about 4000 Bob White quail and countless numbers of dove and ducks.

OCR is a unique 4000 acre wildlife paradise complete with 35 archery and box blind deer stands, 30 spin cast feeders, as well as 21 one thousand pound protein feeders. Other unique features include a 125 miles of quail roads with 190 free choice quail feeders. We at OCR consistently plant 150 acres of plush food plots containing the highest quality protein and nutrients to ensure a healthy wildlife population.

OCR stands out among other ranches in West Texas because the ranch is well hydrated. Specifically, OCR has one in ground stock pond for every one hundred acres of land. Further, OCR has 8 solar wells, pressurized waterlines and water troughs dispersed evenly throughout the property.

For the hunter, OCR provides comfortable accommodations, quality meals, as well as expert guides to ensure a successful hunt.

Please check out our hunting packages for details. You will find that OCR Texas native game safari style hunting is a unique experience for all hunters young and old.

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